All that Drama

People have called me Drama for as long as I can remember.

As a kid, because I cried too much. As a teenager, because I still cried too much. As a 20 something girl, because I loved too many guys, too hard, and inevitably cried hysterically for way too long when whatever we had was over. It was, and is, safe to say that I know how to cause a scene. Still do.

Besides all this loving and crying, which I will bore some people with in some other posts, I have dealt with anxiety attacks and a panic disorder since my 19th. I still do. During a lull in the anxiety I decided that I would prove that nothing scared me (especially not needles) by getting a “Drama” tattoo. This way I also embraced the nickname that irritated me for so long. If you can’t beat it, tattoo it. Or some nonsense.

So, I did. I fearlessly took an Oxazepam, told Hollywood Mark that if I started crying half way through he should just go on tattooing. He did, and I have a “Drama” tattoo. People still laugh when they see it for the first time..

By the way, my dad does not know yet. I am afraid to tell him.