Meds day 15

I made it!

I actually came through the first hellish 14 days of anti-depressants. And I am feeling great! Not. But maybe a bit better.

About those 14 days. I thought I was prepared, since I have done this before, but I was not. First, there is the actually taking of the meds which is an enormous hurdle for the control freak that I am. Every morning turned into a stare off with strips of Citalopram and Oxazepam. Because, what would this do to my head, will I still be myself, will I become a zombie and will I ever have a drink again??!! Yup I am also a minor-league alcoholic.

Stare off done, pills taken, on to the challenge of living life. I have a kid you know, and he does not accept inaction, so for 4 days I brought him to day-care in tears, physically shaking and sweating, because going outside was actual physical torture. I do not want to know what his day-care ladies think of me, but he must have gotten some extra attention out of it.

Back home, safe on the couch it turned out that all I could watch was Gilmore Girls. Seriously, that is the only show in which nothing bad happens. I am at season 6 now. In 14 days… It must be a Netflix record.

Eating was a challenge since my kitchen is way too far from the couch. So I am now, finally, after 2.5 years at pre-baby weight! Hopefully I can go out soon to show these bony knees off.

As I said, I am feeling a bit better and do not cry anymore when I go outside which is a start.

For now, some more Gilmore Girls. One more season to go.