Vacation for the Fearful

It is that time of the year again.. Vacation time! Where shall we go? Who with? Train, Plane, Automobile? What should be a relaxing time is a little hellish for me at the best of times.

I am feeling better, but I have always found vacation quite a stressful ordeal. I am a nest builder, my house is my comfort zone, my safe haven. Leaving that nest has always been hard and sometimes impossible to do, however I’ll be trying again in two days.

I’ve always been envious of the people who travel around the world, seeing beautiful places without any stress or fear. And I have actually done it myself in better times, and am sure I will again. But now my vacation is mainly thinking about how I will get home, back to the nest, in one piece.

So, the question that keeps coming up is, if it’s worth it. This whole ordeal, just to have a vacation. A vacation that could be cut short by me fleeing home, whichever way I can. The answer differs, but right now I think yes. I think that anxiety is something that needs to be overcome by pushing boundaries and seeing what happens. So, I am taking some safety props. My friend suggested to take a gold embossed Wodehouse book, I soo wish I had one. Or a Jeeves to help me out. But as a placebo I will take an e-reader filled with Wodehouse and Simenon, and my own blanket to hide under.

Let’s see how far I get. Stiff upper lip and all that!