Vacation fail?

As mentioned in a previous blog I was planning to go on vacation. I was very adamant that I was going to face my fears, push my boundaries, go into the wild, etc. etc. Well, I didn’t. There were multiple contributing factors to my cowardice but the fact remains that I stayed right here in Amsterdam.

I am on a so-called Staycation, I know, that is one ugly ass word. I will not mention it again but since its meaning is “a holiday spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.” It fits. I hit the local attractions big time!

Last week it was sunny, so me and the rest of Amsterdam spend our days by the kiddie pool trying to keep our kids from drowning and getting sun burnt. Endlessly applying factor 50 sunscreen, until everything in possession is covered in a layer of sticky white goo. Factor 50 sunscreen is definitely a downside to having a kid. The combination with leaky ice cream is more than spectacular. But he loved it, and I think I even managed to read a page or two.

Now the good weather is gone and replaced by endless clouds and drizzle. Still the mill of Amsterdam attractions just keeps on going. Yesterday, me and the kid went to the Pure Market, dressed in our matching hipster raincoats. Me pink, him blue, yes that is how we roll, all gender specific. Since the market started at 11:00 and the kid decided at 05:30 it was time to get up, we were more than in time. Every food stall I hit was still warming up the Big Green Egg or looking at me like 11:00 was no time to expect fries. Kid loved the merry go round though. Next time I have to go later and ask some people where the pure comes into play.

After all the fun, I have returned to the couch today. My doctor keeps telling me that for every 45 minutes of activity I have to do nothing for 15. This to make sure I will not revolve back into pure anxiety by overdoing it. So, after surviving pools full of screaming kids and a drizzly hipster market without getting overly anxious I am now burrowing down for a bit of a Couchcation.