Got the Skinnies.

Losing weight is mostly seen as a good thing. The skinnier the better! And I must admit, I am like that as well, I love being skinny. After my pregnancy, I complained for two years about my belly, thighs, legs and three chins. Well not anymore, I am skinnier then ever and it is starting to scare me.

I know, just about everything gives me anxiety, but I am disappearing into thin air. True, for a couple of weeks I did not eat much, but those are gone and I am still evaporating. This morning I put on a dress and miraculously even the sleeves were too long. did I lose arm length in this weird weight loss palaver. And then the other great side effect: My breasts are starting to look like a pair of unhappy teabags and my butt looks like two deflated chicken filets, not the plofkip* variant. It is all a tad bit unsexy.

Maybe it is a side effect of my medication, normally ssri’s or anti-depressants make me gain weight so this is unchartered territory and even though it is strictly forbidden I had a sneaky look at the mile-long list of side-effects of Citalopram and the word anorexia caught my eye. Begs the question if it makes you start to look like you are anorexic, or do you actually stop eating. A question I have to pose to the doctor.

So, to the doctor I went. I always imagine that when the Doctor sees she has an appointment with me some massive eye-rolling action ensues. I am a frequent Doctor visitor for everything from Anxiety to Vitamine B shots to your day to day hypochondriac questions about cancer, TSS or just random freak-outs. Let’s just say she knows me and I do not think she has actually ever seen me ill, except for mentally ill of course.

She is very nice though, and very understanding and patient. So, when I explained about the skinnies she told me that it is perfectly normal and should balance itself out in about 6 months. Quite long, by that time I’ll probably be shopping at the children’s department. Anyway, it has something to do with hyper elevated adrenaline levels. Rings true, since the smallest things still have me going through the roof. This anxiety stuff just eats you from the inside until you are left with sleeves that are too long, and a hollowed-out face. Maybe insurance will give me a dress allowance to keep up with my ever-tinier jean demands.

If the skinnies are the worst of it things must be going pretty well though. In six months, I’ll probably be complaining about getting too fat. Stay tuned for that one!


* Chicken that is made to grow unusually fast so as to speed up meat production