The call of the Womb.

In the spirit of Christmas and Mary’s immaculate conception I thought I would spend some time writing about this magical womb of ours (ladies) and the hormones that seem to rule our lives. Yes Guys, you can stop reading now. Although, you never know, you might learn something. Plus, to be honest, our hormones rule your life too. They rule the world!

It starts for every Girl or Woman at a different time in life. The call of the Womb. Some girls know at age 13 that they want three kids; two boys and a girl. Other women get the call later and some never get it at all. When you never do, your friends will just keep on telling you it will come someday, somehow. It just proves how loud their wombs are, they will drown out any objections.

The trouble is that to have these kids you need a guy, of course that is not completely true nowadays but usually when the call starts, the idea of the perfect family is still intact and you have time, so the perfect guy will come along. Yay optimism! I, over ambitiously, wanted five children when I was 25. By the time I had the Kid nine years later the window for five kids was pretty much shut.

Safe to say the call scares the shit out of guys. I mean the “virgin” Mary surely just tricked someone to “accidentally” immaculately impregnate her (immaculate sex must be soo good). Who would not be scared by that! Still, as my dad always told me, when a woman wants kids her partner needs to give them to her or move along.

I even broke up with a perfectly perfect guy because he knew he did not want kids, ever. It still took me quite some time after that to have the Kid and maybe we would have broken up anyway but the idea of never, was not doable for me. He still does not want kids.. it really wasn’t about me!

I’m bringing this up now because I am nearing 40, and after all the lovely periods I have had and are still to come, menopause is lurking around the corner. That is the horribly terrible thing about periods, you’re damned if you do (have them) and damned if you don’t. Meanwhile this womb just keeps on screaming. A ladies life goes over roses.. it really does.. super thorny ones.

About 2 years ago when I got back on medication one of my concerns was the fact that you are not advised to take them during pregnancy. I thought then, ok I will take them for 6 months and then stop, so it is fine. Now, my meds (citalopram) are heavier and it does not look like I will get off them anytime soon. Not even mentioning the fact that stuff is too complicated anyway, see previous blog. Which means that my womb just needs to shut the hell up.

Easier said than done. When I hold a baby my heart melts and I go into a warm fuzzy state. At that moment, all I want is a baby. Now! Preferably without having to go through pregnancy again. I even have this weird habit where the Kids baby doll just magically ends up in my arms. Sometimes it takes me 20 minutes to realise I am trying to burp a piece of plastic.

But, I must be stronger then my womb. Even though I would love to give the Kid a brother or sister and I would love to have another baby it is probably better to be a sane mom of one absolutely perfect kid, then an anxiety ridden mom of five. Now I just need to not spoil him rotten..

So yes, that was my womb blog! have a great Christmas, drink to the “virgin” Mary and your own magically complicated screaming womb! Merry Mary!!

Ps.  If I never write the word womb again it will be soon enough.